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** Please be kind, don't waste your time or mine with silly questions and please be genuine **

Already. I'm being inundated with unecessary messages. Don't try to tell me to change my style, if you don't like it, create your own pictures! Or if you want me to copy a scene to your taste, then contact me to discuss a commission.

Some guys just don't understand that I don't want my mailbox filled with unnecessary questions. Please guys, I'm giving these pictures for your pleasure that alone takes a lot of time, so I don't want to be replying to silly questions.
In future, I will ignore anything that I don't think has a value. But I've also set up a board on the FORUM "Ask Rob" where you can look to see if there is already a reply to a similar question to yours.
If not ask on the forum and I will reply for everyone to see. CLICK HERE to use the forum