The Five-Fingered Masked Men

The masked gang have their latest victim already being held in position for a great throat fuck from black stud Tyson Tyler, his thick meat making Marco moan out loud as he's shared between him and fellow gangland stud Riley Coxx. Pinned down and swallowing as much dick as is presented to him, hairy Arabesque Riley pulls his sweatpants down as Tyson strips him on his sweater, leaving their boy butt naked, his smooth ass and delicious pink hole perfect for ass-hungry Riley to devour. Tyson is more than happy to keep face fucking this trade, the more dick he takes the more ass play he gets from Riley, a perfect compromise for all bottom boys out there. Raised up to give us the best view, Riley fingers Marco; first one finger, then 2, building up to a shared fingering of up to 5 fingers all poking his hole wide, getting him nice and open and wet with spit, ready for dick! Subjected to Riley's hard fucking as Tyson keeps his ass cheeks spread open for us, and his mate to get even deeper until Tyson pulls Marco's face to his crotch and jerks right over him, spunking on his face!


The Five-Fingered Masked Men

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