Terms of use

Who can use this site: This site is open to any adult who's country allows them to view images of adult men in bondage only if the adult has a genuine interest in viewing male's in bondage
The work on this site: All the work on this site is given freely for non commercial use on condition that the images are kept intact and not cropped or manipulated in anyway without prior written permission. If you wish to manipulate my images, please contact me for permission first.
Charges - For Commercial Use If you wish to use my images for commercial purposes please contact me to arrange pre-payment before use.
  Charges for images kept intact. £5 (Five GB Pounds) each.
  Charges for each image or part image that is manipulated £50 (Fifty GB Pounds) per image

For any image that is used before consent is given will be invoiced at £500 per image. Plus all reasonable cost of collecting the charge(s)


Note to Commercial Site Owners

Please be aware that if you accept my images from a third party, you are just as liable for payment as the person who has used them illegally and if I am unable to obtain payment from the person or persons. I will seek to obtain payment from you.
So please ensure that the person(s) sending you images has my written authority before using them.


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